Treasure Hunters is a start-up company that is taking its first steps in the field of metal detector sales with many years of experience in their use, operation and research.
The main goal of Tresure Hunters is to provide safe and reliable machines to the general public based on the verbal and technical support that is the main goal of the company.
Products are selected which we first process and after many hours of operation in real targets and in real environmental conditions and if we draw safe conclusions about their reliability, then and only then, we always recommend them to our customers with respect and fully in line with the Greek, European and American legislation.
We are committed to offering you the best and most reliable machines on the world market that will be able to meet the increased needs and requirements of every researcher.
We will be happy to serve you so that we can find a solution to your every problem and together we can achieve the desired result.
Sincerely, The Treasure Hunters team.